Policy Overview

the tl;dr if you will

We use cookies to maintain the function of our sites - and to a limited extent to track how many people view pages and from where.

We do not store information about individual visits, we merely count that someone from somewhere viewed something. If you object to even that, you can opt out of that count by clicking here.

We will then give you a cookie to tell us you don't want any more cookies. That being said, if the page you're viewing has an embed from Twitter or Facebook or YouTube or some other site, they can track you as well.

Policy in Detail

This Is What You Came For

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are a small text file saved on your computer so any given website can remember you between visits. It's a standard practice for any professional website to run cookies to make its services work as well as they can.

There are two main types of cookies: internal and external. Websites' internal cookies serve a variety of functions including basic security and authentication, and to store user preferences (like "I never want to see your cookie notification, ever again"). External cookies are those who track you across the web, and the data is normally shared with advertisers.

We only use internal cookies, kinda just out of principle. We don't really see the point of all this following people around online, plus its kinda icky.

What Is Promogogo?

Promogogo is essentially a hosting service. Our users tend to be brands or commercial entities, who build web pages or landing pages that get shared with their own audiences. The clicks on these pages are then shown back to our users for marketing purposes.

The data we collect is not personally identifiable though, we collect and display the data in the aggregate based on IP address information ('This page got 9,290 clicks in the last 24 hours from California').

What Cookies Do We Use?

Honestly, the most important one is probably the one that makes sure you never have to see our cookie pop-up ever again. We then have another set of cookies for our actual users that have to do with authentication and security mainly. All internal, none external.

Trackers on Promogogo

While we, Promogogo, only track clicks as cold hard data (sorry, I'm sure you really are a special little snowflake) – elements can be embedded on our pages that are out of our control, and such elements may include trackers.

Any media elements, such as YouTube videos or SoundCloud tracks or even social media posts, may include trackers that are under the control of the media entity in question. If you want to be fully in charge of your own data, you'll need to visit their respective privacy policies.

"I really don't want to be tracked"

By this point most browser allow you to send a 'Do Not Track' request to every website you visit by default. That'd probably be your best bet.

Here's a link to a Lifehacker article that can talk you through it.

"I Still Have Questions"

Great. Get in touch.